Miley Cyrus Cash Net Worth

Miley Cyrus is merely a baby in the world of show business, but as you might suspect she is absolutely loaded in terms of cash money.

How wealthy you ask?

Miley Cyrus's money net worth is said to already be over $50 million! If she keeps up this pace, we'll all be at her mercy!


Miley Cyrus Best Hairstyle?

Our little Miley Cyrus is growing up so very fast, and she already seems to have grown quite fond of big flashy hairstyles, with extensions, highlights and all the other accessories you might expect from Hollywood starlets.

The question is, which of Miley Cyrus's array of hairstyles is your favorite?
Miley Cyrus long curly hairstyle.
Straight with blonde highlights.


Miley Cyrus Fixed Her Teeth

Checkout the new and improved smile of Miley Cyrus! She is really looking fabulous after getting her teeth fix!

Lets be honest here, Miley Cyrus once had some pretty "complicated" teeth, but now they are super nice and straight.

Good for you, Miley!


Miley Cyrus Tattoo

Phone the neighbors, wake the children and head for the hills! Because everyone's favorite girl, Miley Cyrus, has gotten a tattoo!

I know, i cant believe it either, Miley Cyrus has permanently got the phrase "Just Breathe" tattooed underneath her left breast.

I hope this tattoo isn't a sign of things to come, for the young pop princess.

We all had such high hopes for you Miley, and then you go all Britney spears on us and got tattooed.

Celebrity tattoos are not to be admired, kids!


Miley Cyrus Desktop Wallpapers

Cute gallery of celeb teen super star Miley Cyrus desktop wallpaper pics.

What an amazing role model to the youth of the world!